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Hot Deal

$150 smog fail diagnostics!!!
We are a STAR certified, smog check and repair station!!!
My smog tech Alfred is one of the best in California!!! He is the 'maestro'

when it comes to smog checks and repair diagnostics!!! We do things

BY THE this removes the guessing or assuming for everyone!

Yes...we know failing smog can be costly and quite frustrating, HOWEVER,

what are your choices??? The State of California will NOT issue your

DMV tags if your vehicle fails turn....penalty charges and possible

vehicle impounds can occur IF one drives with expired tags..... so let us

save you the headache....

We do not take appointments, but generally suggest 'call ahead' so we can

let you know when is a good time....or just stop in when it's convenient!

Contact Information
phone: (805) 504-9751
Offer Valid: October 29, 2014December 31, 2024
Camarillo Chamber of Commerce
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